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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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come and go on the street and along with the good life anchored business for 20 years since inclines closed a number of years the neighborhood needs more and more places to gather, etc. any business the library stores and other businesses benefit if the increased flow of people that are local residents the design and planned use are great for the neighborhood having known karen and lester they are sensitive to the scale of the block and potrero hill mentioning the flavor of the neighborhood and taking over the storefront and eye sore and converting it to a great space is what we need with the costume
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potrero hill street fair and people living in the area 20th street is a renaissance and this project is an ideal fit for moving forward i urge you to approve that project sincerely dr. >> you can leave it there we'll grab it thank you. >> my name is sister lift ev'ry voice and sing which he i live with other sister of my county at 1518, 20th street next door to the proposed reconstruction i've lived on koefl for many years 47 to be exact i believe i have a good sense of
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the neighborhood and its needs i'm completely in favor of the plans that were explained to us at two meetings regarding that reconstruction in my opinion the gentleman has made many changes to the plans to accommodate those opted to the reconstruction in addition, i agree with others that are spoken before me that lester and have been a great asset to the coastal they've moementd e promoted what is good and healthy for the neighborhood i trust them and look forward to the reconstruction it has been way too long in coming thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners
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i'm jay the president of the coastal neighborhood association 20th street serves a hub chord with the coastal library and on the other end the daniel webster school the home is guarantee home to the good life cafe but the last decade seen the neighborhood quote counsel as the people moved out 20th street has been demand for over 3 seven years it's time to bring that back to prove use karen and lester have a long history of involvement and stewardship as the woermz they have a unique understanding of the 20th street character had he their plans bring the businesses back to 1512 and revitalize this
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district and keeping within the character of the neighborhood lester and karen have been the best of neighbors a that's example the castro bolster association unanimously endorse it at a february meeting and have no objections whatsoever to the project we ask you follow the recommendations of the planning department and approve that as proposed thank you very much. >> afternoon commissioners i'm kooefb the president of the dog patch merchants association i'm on the board of boufrt association and a member of the eastern neighborhood cracking p d m supports the development of 20th street to help
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revitalizes one of the under utilized commercial district in the city this was once a long time ago a buffalo street we have symsunshine this smaller street 3 abandoned streets 1 on 20th street you've hope this will now serve as a new neighborhood hub that will attract people to the area arrest i mean over 1 seven hundred units in the dog patch pipeline regretfully most of the developments are without neighborhood serving retail at all their one hundred percent residential we're going to be rhyme on the eastern neighborhood district to service the current and future residents of this flowing neighborhood i want to show you a photo of
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18th street that's a good photo of 18th street this is the one other small commercial strip we say on coastal you see on that we currently have a just a few retail establishment we have an office over retail existing next to occupied building so this is not a large project there's going to be local neighborhoods serving buildings and i urge you to approve - deny the doctor and let this move forward expeditiously. >> good afternoon. i'm paula
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small business advisors and lived and worked on coastal for over thirty years i like other people supporting this project support it as well in my role as a small business advisors i work with karen and lester on their businesses a they've asked me to help to identify a neighborhood quality candidate for the cafe or restaurant they're putting significant effort into choosing the right kind of business to suit the neighborhood and building we're working with the neighbors as well as the other people on the street i too am a member of the potrero hill dog patch association i work for hundreds of small businesses in san francisco and recognize the violent qualified sustainable businesses in the city that
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makes a difference that's why i think karen and lester went into this i thank you for your supporting for this. >> good afternoon. i'm phillip aim a local architect on coastal i'm not o a member of any organization i just wanted to say i lived on 18th street for thirty years above a store it was noisy it's sometimes they're very itch commotion on the street we have 3 restaurant on the block we look into evans windows but part of urban experience and i just want to say that we need 20th street we need it's commercial opportunities
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and i think that the architects design a very fine design i urge you to approve it just as it is and not make changes thank you very much. >> i'm mary i live across the street from the comboesh i've known karen and les tor. a very long time i urge you to approve that project it is a great project for the street people are who are questioning the project are concerned about parking if he were around during the time of inclines deli inclines was fun and the hub of the neighborhood i 1250d in front of their business for 3
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days and had a petition signed after the landlord tripled her rent and she had to leave we need another business run by karen and lester i urge you to support this project thank you. >> hello my name is peter ami i've lived on coastal more o for 40 years karen and lester lived there longer i indirect the coastal or kinds of karen and lester and the good life are a fixture in the neighborhood and the good life generously donates
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everyone i've spoken to identify spoken to maybe 50 or 60 people looks forward to the new business that karen and lester are proposing and the renewed life it will bring to 20th street thousand of units are planned or being built now for our neighborhood and even now hoping people are eager to shop and eat at different places 20th street once was a lively business center on the hill from the 1920s to the 1980s but we lost many of the businesses that were mentioned the butch and the cleaners and the post office and others during which coastal was less known now 20th street is itch less vibrant and i join many of my neighbors in hoping that karen and lester brings
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back a vibrant life to the plans we're talking about today thank you very much. >> hello, i'm susan on the jimbo bob teacher and it is not necessary for the project i'm also a friend of lester for the last 40 years one of his sisters was my best friend when i moved to potrero hill i stayed with lester until i got my own place at the end of the 2013 i closed any you won't be studio across the street due to a hundred and 25 percent rent increase mine was one of the other independent yobz in the city there was no place for the people to side you
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won't be oh, the you won't be tree was there lester and karen i've known karen since i moved to the city also they're a huge presence in the community and i really think this is a great idea i knew the project was a lot bigger it's been escalated do you think i'm blessed to have a yoga business i'm trying to get a place to rent and happy it will be on the two story my students will not have time to look at over the badge but my students are from 16 to 86 and many students that study with me
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foreclosure for many years we'd like you to come and check out our class i also understand the deck of the building won't be used they'll come to class and leave immediately i'll say that is what what is going to happen happen the students will look forward to walking to class on coastal. >> good evening now i'm mary an i've lived on the hill since 1979 i want to alp in place we talk about the young people moving in don't forget about the orderly people that nodes the services to help them experience please approve that project.
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>> commissioners ron 39 year resident of coastal i need not say anything about karen he lester you've heard enough about that already you have a vacant property for nearly 38 years perhaps an illegal residential in a space that really shouldn't be allowed what you're doing is your by not taking dr your creating a residential unit and activating a commercial space in a very small nc two district that complies with the code flafth that the smaller with an ethan what the code says it is
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consistent with the neighborhood character according our your own department report if you take into account the architecture it is it is fully code compliant no variations are being asked it complies with the eastern neighborhood plan its impact are fully positive without question you have question raised to the privacy situation 50 to 60 feet across a mid block open space your defining san francisco. (laughter) in nearly any other jurisdiction in the country this is as a of right project there is no reason to take dr >> okay. any other speakers in
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support of project? >> okay. seeing none dr requester you have a 2 minute renewal. >> so respectfully i understand that it is everyone is in support of it i'm actually in support of it i'm just asking that we maintain light and airflow and there are small things we're asking from the developer in order to do that lester specifically from their drawings overhead please. >> we're asking to eliminate the screen feature again, this was subscribed to us a privacy screen for the urban studios we asked for curtains was we do that was told to use it was to eliminate shade
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sunlight into the yoga studio for the shade that eliminates light into our building and then the last stitch efforts or discussions from lester were well, you know this is a design feature and i don't think you don't i don't want the back of my space to look ugly. >> so that was what happened with this feature the reality of the lightwell is that this is as it is as it exists today new let that is in there goes up to this level here so that's not really a lightwell so i'm asking that those are the two suggestions that i have in
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terms of editing what is there so i ask you to accept the dr. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i also want to say to start off we're not against this development again, we think the scale the current proposal is far too grandiose so sincerely we're for the project on extending the roof deck all the way to the back initially this is an n twoshgs zone but there is a one up against to make allowances for the zone you have to move the deck back 25 feet from the fence line on the efficiency of the lightwell and the stairwell once
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again that is coming at our experience we you know are perfectly okay to keep the lightwell the same wealthy bring the lower side of the lightwell down to the lower i guess to the bottom of the second-story project and the lightwell outlet or the illiterate why is the assessor records i referred to before why does it say the entire building is a multi family residence why has this not been addressed by the planning department. >> so once again i will urge the commission to recommend taking the dr for this project thank you. >> thank you so again, i want to focus on the
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roof deck it hadn't been proven where the roof deck is necessary the yoga teacher said that will not be used and we should rely on her terms we sue how easy it was to get a quality of life permit i really ask you to look at that roof deck it significantly invades our privacy thank you. >> my message is a simple one a way for businesses to continue to grow and 8th district at large student and be an enhancement rather than their expense no one is against the fenced development in the area everyone has spoken to that but thoughtful open discussions are very important for finding the
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best solutions for the entire neighborhood that is a small community neighborhood and neighbors want to be neighbors and find a way to get along aside each i ask planning to look at a second-story roof deck a open and honest discussion and viable solution found for all the desire important business growth on 20th shunt trump the residents privacy issues thank you. >> okay project sponsor. >> steve for the project sponsor first of all, to address the concerns it's important to understand that the trellis is a trellis the trellis goes around the second-story and the space it is made of small metal bar
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and it will be enabling able to have light pass through it is not a solid sunshade we think it is important that the trellis remain as part of privacy for the properties as i said this is a privacy screen on the deck not desired for privacy but happy to take that away will be happy to do that regarding the deck has was appointment earlier in the zoning the first story no requirement for a deck on the first story the deco cover the second-story deck and it was a significant compromise to move that deck 24 photo back if the rear yard property line and we don't think that is necessary to
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remove the deck it is 31 feet away from the window in question open the folks property finally the lightwell we do when there is only one floor being added to the building a fully matching lightwell in the floor we investigated whether or not a lightwell can be extended to the certainly it messes up the calibration of the building the door to the upstairs certainly commercial space on this east side so you can't have a stair and a lightwell in the same place it will move the lightwell into the middle of the studio it doesn't work. >> okay. the public hearing is closed commissioners. >> commissioner antonini. >> i really don't see much that's exceptional or extraordinary circumstances in this case some the comments that
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are brought up the staff is opined and recommended there was never a legal unit and one of the reasons that the second-story is not to code carrying k through 12 present a period of time when there were people living there 58 to 75 it explicit mean it's an illegal unit that's not an issue and the height is allowed 32 feet it compiles with the eastern neighborhood privacy screen is 5 feet in height from what i understand and it appears to be such that some light about come through and of there's something growing on there it will not be a huge entirely o pack period it casts a little bit of shade and most
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importantly provides some privacy for both sides and if yoga is to be taught on the outside of that deck i don't know how noisy most of the time, i think it is pretty quiet so i don't think it is that disruptive and the distances from the window in questioning from 35 to 50 feet away didn't seemed like it is an invasion of privacy and messing neon is not considered a second-story address they've provided a matching lightwell i don't really see the depth of the project is similar to the other giant neighbors maybe a little bit deeper so i don't see something that support the dr and commissioner richards. >> a question for staff
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just trying to understand how to reconcile the accessories records of planning records it appears that they look like. >> the assessors office didn't refer back to the records in terms of the legal and permitted uses so the two records of city agencies are basically, not - >> what is the process for removing an illegal permit to disconnect the plumbing. >> it depends on what is there if there are improvements so what have you to do increments. >> i'm looking at want photos i guess a question for the real estate agent is she still here can you come up please. i you know what the report says in the assessor's office it looks like a unit did you sell a
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unit. >> i did not. >> do you know where the pictures came from there's a multiple listing service. >> i don't know who provided those it was lists and there were pictures on the mls. >> will the person that provided the pictures step forward. >> i doubled those was when the building was up for sale. >> that's interesting it looks like a desire unit. >> no doubt there's a kitchen and those were adams without permits where the company report quote from the second-story 4 rooms in the front portion the building but the kitchen and bathroom the kitchen is clearly an add on since the south wall
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the kitchen was added on the exterior wall. >> so you'll get a permit to remove that. >> that's part of this permit. >> commissioner wu. >> sir if you don't mind you said this was a screen you were willing to do away with that can you point out that. >> is it the one that is rendered with green over it. >> yeah. the one with the box around it. >> i'm curious what the other commissioners think i don't see a need for the gene that is the only area i'll be interested in looking at. >> okay commissioner moore. >> i think this is a better thing to put into the record they remove the screen i consider that to be the amendment to what is in front of
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us and discretions no implication to use the deck for yoga verified by the person that the yoga will happen inside no intent to legalize the deck for a commercial use and with that i'll suggest we do not take dr accept the accomodation as offered by the plant and approve the project. >> seconded. >> secretary if we have a problem we'll refrays rove. >> my recollection the gentleman stating they will. >> amend my motion to dictate dr rove the